I am serious about djembe!


Catherine Veilleux B. Ed.

Catherine holds a university degree in education and was a teacher for twelve years. She learned West-African percussion and dance from different master drummers in Canada, the United-States and Guinea West-Africa and she has taught West-African percussion since 2005.

From 2002 to 2009, Catherine was a founder, artistic director and artist for Yayé. She is also a co-founder and has been a djembe soloist for Cobra du Mandingue, a professionnal drum and dance company, since 2009. 

Catherine works with several local and international musicians and contributes to the development of the African dance and drum community in the Ottawa/Gatineau area through her teaching, performances and activities organized during the year. She combines her  teaching  experience with her passionate artistic side to offer a unique experience of the Guinean percussion world! 

TEDxGatineau:"Les joies du djembé" With english subtitles.

DVD "Djembé d'or". 

She is currently working on her memoirs: "Journal d'une djembefola"