Catherine Veilleux offers all services related to the djembe. Gatineau / Ottawa


I am passionate about the djembe. Discover this fascinating culture!

Djembe classes for all levels

Djembe workshops everywhere

Amazing drums, skins and sticks for sale

Drum and dance concerts



Buy my book "Journal d'une djembefola"  (French edition). It tells stories of my trips to Guinea and my quest to become a djembefola. Buy it on line or in person.


Preview of the book

Want to know more about the djembe? Watch my TED talk!

Djembe is good for you! Read my article (in french): revue Cheminement  

Entrevue à la radio de Radio-Canada.

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High energy, beautiful energy, soothing energy. Catherine is an incredible drummer. Her passion flows from her and out through the drum.

- Janice