Djembe and dundun workshops for all 

Intensive workshops 

You will learn the whole rhythm including all the djembe parts, solos, dunduns and arrangements.

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Bring an authentic djembe and dundun experience to your community. Invite Catherine Veilleux.

Catherine's djembe camps

October 20th - 22nd: Beginner-intermediate

November 10th - 12th: Int. Avancé - int. Advanced.


Come learn the djembe with me for a weekend in the countryside, on the shore of Lake Trente-et-un miles! Everything in one place: Djembe classes, meals prepared by the restaurant L'huile d'Olive (yum!) And hosting in a comfortable all included cabin.

Camp fire, jam and Guinea movies in the evening. :-)

Where?: Chalet rouge, Le Majopial, Bouchette
Arrive Friday 6:00pm: $295
Arrive Friday 2:00pm: $315 (extra class 3:00pm-5:00pm)
Ends Sunday after lunch.

Please fill the registration form to secure your place. I will take the first 20 registrations.
Refund possible untill October 1st

Coming workshops

Contact me if you want to bring me in your community! I will be happy to go!


Kingston: October 28th


As well as being so gifted in her playing of the djembe, she has a gift for teaching and reaching people. It is a rare gift indeed. To be able to bring that many people to such a sound in less than two hours is no small feat.

- Janice


"Every time we have a workshop I think it's the best one and it can't get better.....but then it does!"

- Phyllis Heeney 


Catherine is so inspiring with her wit, humour and super djembe skills.  Loved how she accommodated the group rather than sticking to her own agenda.

I would attend another one of her workshops in a heartbeat.

- Linda Tucker 


It was exciting and invigorating so I'd definitely do another one.

- Ruth Wehlau