Catherine Veilleux B. Ed.

Catherine holds a university degree in education and was a teacher for twelve years. She learned West-African percussion and dance from different master drummers in Canada, the United-States and Guinea West-Africa and she has taught West-African percussion since 2005.

From 2002 to 2009, Catherine was a founder, artistic director and artist for Yayé. She is also a co-founder and has been a djembe soloist for Cobra du Mandingue, a professionnal drum and dance company 2009 - 2019. 

Her career takes another turn when producing the documentary BADERA in 2019 and L'appel du djembé, hoping to bring Guinean artists to light.

 She is now interested in photography and has exhibited her photographs in various galleries in Outaouais since 2022.



Realisation and production of the documentary film: L'appel du djembé (not available online yet)

Realisation and production of the documentary film:  BADERA

TEDxGatineau:"Les joies du djembé"

Publication of the book: "Journal d'une djembefola".