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Winner for Best documentary at ASIFF 2021

Winner of People's Choice at Vues d'Afrique 2021

Winner of best sound track on Culture & Diversity film festival

Mention of Commendation at CANADIAN SHORTS


From the time he was a child, Dartagnan Camara knew his destiny. Follow him to Guinea where he shares how he became a musician, in a family where becoming an artist was strictly prohibited. He recounts his childhood runaways and his plots to become an international artist, despite his father's ban. His determination to follow his destiny is an inspiring story to all, no matter the call.

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BADERA a documentary by Catherine Veilleux


Talented percussionists from Guinea, living without resources in extreme poverty, practice their art and live in a building on stilts that they built themselves; a refuge where we witness their daily challenges and their efforts to break through as artists. Badera is an inspiring story of courage and mutual aid, at the heart of Mandingo music.


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Journal d'une djembefola

Buy my book "Journal d'une djembefola"  (French edition). It tells stories of my trips to Guinea and my quest to become a djembefola. Buy it on line or in person.



This album is a cocktail of rhythm and percussion; a fusion between Mandingue, Latin and Contemporary melodies.

Dartagnan is a great source of inspiration for his generation and this album is THE djembe CD  you want. 

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High energy, beautiful energy, soothing energy. Catherine is an incredible drummer. Her passion flows from her and out through the drum.

- Janice