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I am passionate about the djembe. Discover this fascinating culture!

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November will be a HOT month!!

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Assist to the premiere in Gatineau!

At le Troquet November 2nd!

3:00pm and 5:00pm 

contributions accepted.


Badera is a group of percussionists from Guinea (West Africa). The story unfolds in a stilt building, a refuge where they live and practice their art. In this documentary, we enter their world, and we witness their daily lives and their efforts to achieve a great project.





You want to live something that will touch you for life? Want to play drum and dance all day?

Come to Guinea with Dartagnan and his team in 2020!!

Journal d'une djembefola

Buy my book "Journal d'une djembefola"  (French edition). It tells stories of my trips to Guinea and my quest to become a djembefola. Buy it on line or in person.


Preview of the book


This album is a cocktail of rhythm and percussion; a fusion between Mandingue, Latin and Contemporary melodies.

Dartagnan is a great source of inspiration for his generation and this album is THE djembe CD  you want. 

To buy the album online or to listen to a sample, click here.

Want to know more about the djembe? Watch my TED talk!


High energy, beautiful energy, soothing energy. Catherine is an incredible drummer. Her passion flows from her and out through the drum.

- Janice